Gas emergencies such as boiler and heating breakdowns are inevitable and can happen to anyone of us. They can be extremely stressful and can affect your life. Lack of hot water and heating are very common household emergencies.

No matter what your gas emergency problem is, emergencyplumber.today is here for you.

When the emergency arises you can rely on the experts who are committed in providing a fast and reliable emergency boiler and heating service to the London community.

We have the skills and knowledge to quickly sort out your gas related problem so that you can continue with your normal routine.

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We can deal with all your gas related issues such as boiler and heating fails quickly and efficiently.

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Boiler and Heating Services

We offer routine and emergency plumbing and gas related services in London.




Boiler and Heating Repairs London


Gas appliances, when correctly fitted can be efficient, clean and economical. Your installer will make sure your appliance is correctly fitted and meet all relevant regulations, ensuring you are minimising the potential dangers that come with the incorrect installation of gas appliances. We are qualified to install all types of gas appliance including:

  • - Boilers and central heating systems
  • - Gas heaters and fires
  • - Outdoor gas appliances
  • - Gas cookers

A recent change in legislation requires all new gas installations are logged with the local authorities. This is essential for when the time comes to sell you're the property or if you rent it out. Your engineer will always carry out this formality on your behalf.

The proper installation and upkeep of the gas appliances in your home should be treated as a priority and you should never consider installing a gas appliance on your own. The dangers of incorrect installation include gas leaks and carbon monoxide leak. The former is fortunately easy to detect due to the smell, though is potentially extremely dangerous, the later has no smell, colour or taste and can be fatal if it goes undetected.

If you have any questions on the installation of your gas appliance in your home or business, or you require further information on the services we have available feel free to call us.


Boiler Repair

Whether it’s a pilot light out or a leaking unit, we can get your boiler back in working condition or supply you with a new one as quickly as possible so you don’t have to worry about taking another cold shower! With over a decade of experience repairing and installing boilers, we have the experience to get you back to normal in no time.

 Gas Leak Detection

If you smell gas in your home or business you could be in serious danger. Get to a safe location and contact the National Grid on 0800 111 999  to shut off the gas. Most gas leaks will require plumbing repairs that are easily handled by emergencyplumber.today. We can make sure your family or business is safe by detecting and repairing even the smallest of gas leaks.